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The Board of the International Society for Philosophers

The Board of the International Society for Philosophers is responsible for examining essay portfolios submitted for the Associate Award, as well as dissertations submitted for the Fellowship award. Successful portfolios and dissertations are archived permanently on the Essays and Dissertations page.

DAVID BELL (BA Trinity College Dublin, MA, PhD McMaster, Canada) joined the Department of Philosophy, Sheffield University after completing his postgraduate work in Canada. Before that he had also studied philosophy in Dublin and Gšttingen. In recent years he has held visiting or honorary professorships in the Universities of Keele, Munich, and Leuven. He was awarded a British Academy Research Readership for the period 1993-95. In 1995-96 he was a Fellow of the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (Institute for Advanced Study). He has recently been awarded the Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung Forschungspreis (research prize) for Philosophy. During 2001-02 he was President of the Mind Association.

TONY BELLOTTI gained a BSc honours degree in Computer Science with Mathematics from the University of Bristol in 1987, a MSc in Knowledge Based Systems in 1991 and his PhD in computational learning applied to bioinformatics from Royal Holloway, University of London in 2006. He received an Associate Diploma of the Philosophical Society of England in 1999. He is currently working on statistical research in the Management School at the University of Edinburgh.

TONY BOESE holds a Master of Letters (Dist) in Philosophy from the University of St. Andrews and a pair of Bachlor of Arts (Dist) degrees — one in Philosophy and one Political Science — from the University of Oklahoma. He is currently a PhD Candidate and Teaching Assistant at the University of Virginia, adjuncts on the side, and debates on weekends. Though early in his career, Tony has published a handful of articles ranging from a review of Hegelian themes in the Book of Genesis to a critical analysis of Plato's theory of time. He has also established a fledgling tradition of regular presenting beginning with the NUBC at Duke, roving though the UK and Canada presenting in Political Philosophy and Epistemology, and returning to the US for the APA-Pacific.

PER AAGE BRANDT is a Danish writer, poet, and linguist. He holds a Master of Arts in Romance Philology from the University of Copenhagen (1971) and a Doctorate in Semiotics from the Sorbonne University (1987). He has published a large number of books on the subjects of semiotics, linguistics, culture, and music as well as poetry. He is currently Director of Center for Culture and Cognition Department of Cognitive Sciences, Professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, and Director of the Laboratory of Applied Research in Cognitive Semiotics at Case Western Reserve University.

MATTHEW DEL NEVO studied creative writing at the Bezalel Institute in Jerusalem and philosophy of religion at the Hebrew University there. Coming to Australia in 1987, Matthew wrote his doctoral dissertation at the University of Sydney on Edmond Jabs' singular and unclassifiable writings, Le Livre des questions (in 7 volumes), Le Livre des ressemblances (in 3 volumes), Le Livre des limites (in 4 volumes). Matthew is currently lecturing within the Sydney College of Divinity.

HUBERTUS FREMEREY is a theoretical physicist who has worked as a computer software developer in the industry. In his philosophical work, he has sought to understand modern industrial and postindustrial society and state and its philosophical aspects indicated by such catchwords as 'progress', 'alienation', 'modernization'. He has contributed articles to Philosophy Pathways on the notion of a 'good society' and a critique of the 'two cultures' of scientists and humanists.

PEDRO BLAS GONZÁLEZ (B.A. University of Alabama; M.A., PhD DePaul University) is Professor of Philosophy at Barry University, Miami Shores, Florida, U.S.A. He has published six books: Human Existence as Radical Reality: Ortega y Gasset's Philosophy of Subjectivity; Essays in Subjectivity, Individuality and Autonomy; Unamuno: A Lyrical Essay; Ortega's 'The Revolt of the Masses' and the Triumph of the New Man; Dreaming in the Cathedral and Philosophical Perspectives on Cinema, and over two hundred Essays, articles, short stories and reviews. His philosophical interests include the relationship between essence and form in philosophy and literature.

DENA HURST holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from Stetson University and a master's degree and doctorate in Philosophy from Florida State University. She works as a project manager and researcher for the Florida Institute of Government at Florida State University. She teaches philosophy courses, specifically applied philosophy courses, in the areas of feminism, philosophy of economics, political philosophy, philosophy of class, radical and revolutionary philosophy, ethics, and philosophy of technology. Dena is also associate editor of Philosophical Practice, the journal of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association, and a certified philosophical counselor through APPA. She has served as a 'Pathways to Philosophy' mentor and is one of the Editors of the ISFP journal Philosophy for Business.

SANJA IVIC holds a Master of Arts in Philosophy from the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam and a Doctorate in philosophy from University of Belgrade. She has published a large number of articles and two books on the subject of history of philosophy, European studies, political philosophy, ethics, and hermeneutics. She is a member of the International Advisory Board of the American International Journal of Contemporary Research and editorial board member of the Journal of Law and Conflict Resolution. She has participated in various international philosophical projects. She is a Research Fellow at the Institute for European Studies in Serbia. She is currently working on her postdoctoral project at the University Paris X Nanterre. She is also Editor of ISFP Books.

MARTIN JENKINS received a BA (Hons) Philosophy from the University of Bolton, an MA Philosophy from the University of Liverpool and a PGCE from Manchester Metropolitan University. He joined 'Pathways to Philosophy' in 2003 as a member of Ask a Philosopher, has contributed to and Edited the Philosophy Pathways e-journal e-journal. In 2009, he received a Fellowship of the ISFP for his Dissertation on Nietzsche: Aristocratic Radicalism or Anarchy? An Examination of Nietzsche's Doctrine of Will to Power This was published as a book in 2010 and 2019 as was Dialectic: From Hegel to Althusser in 2018. Martin is Secretary of the International Society for Philosophers.

GEOFFREY KLEMPNER studied Philosophy at Birkbeck College, gaining a BA honours degree from the University of London in 1976, and went on to University College Oxford where he gained his B.Phil and D.Phil with a thesis on metaphysics and the philosophy of language. His book Naive Metaphysics: a theory of subjective and objective worlds was originally published in by Avebury in 1994.

JÜRGEN LAWRENZ gained BA honours (1st) in Philosophy from the Sydney College of Divinity and MA honours (1st) with a Thesis on Leibniz and Modern Cosmology. He has authored several books including The Nature of Reality and the Reality of Nature: A Study of Leibniz's Double-Aspect Ontology and Art and the Platonic Matrix. He has taught at government, private and university colleges in Sydney in philosophy, the history of ideas, the philosophy of science and art. He has a PhD in Philosophy from Sydney University.

SAMUEL MICHAELIDES gained a BA (Hons) degree in English Literature from De Montfort University, Leicester in 2002. After his degree he worked as a press officer for the British Government. In 2005, he enrolled for the Pathways Philosophy of Mind program and in October of that year applied for a graduate place at the University of Reading, gaining an MA in Philosophy in 2006. He now plans to work his way around the world before returning to continue his PhD.

DAN O'BRIEN BSc (Hons) MA MPhil PhD is Honorary Research Fellow at Birmingham University and an Associate Lecturer with the Open University. His research is currently focused on the epistemology of testimony and Hume's philosophy of religion. His recent publications include An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge (Polity, 2006), Hume's Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding: A Reader's Guide (Continuum, 2006, with Alan Bailey) and Naturalism and the Philosophy of Mind (Mellen Academic, forthcoming 2007).

DMITRY OLSHANSKY Philosopher and interpreter. BA in Philosophy (Urals University, Russia), post-graduate student at the St. Petersburg State University. Active member of Russian Philosophical Society (2000) and member of Philosophical Society of England (2003). Russia editor of journal The Philosopher. Author of 120 philosophical articles and essays, published in Russian, English and Czech, as well as translations into Russian of the works by John Dewey, William Golding, James Joyce, Jaques Derrida, and Umberto Eco.

DANIEL SILVERMINTZ (B.A. Vassar College; M.A. University of Massachusetts-Amherst; M.A. St. John's College-Annapolis; M.A., Ph.D. University of Dallas) is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of Humanities at the University of Houston Clear Lake. He previously was a Visiting Scholar in the Critical Theory Institute at the University of California-Irvine. In 2009, he was the recipient of the Jerry G. Gaff Faculty Award from the Association for General and Liberal Studies. His research focuses on ancient Greek culture, literature, and ethics and has appeared in Yale Economic Review, Polis, Classical World, Metaphilosophy, and History of Political Economy. He is the author of Protagoras (2015) in the Bloomsbury Academic Ancients in Action Series. He is one of the Editors for the ISFP journal Philosophy for Business.

NATHAN SINCLAIR gained his Ph.D in Philosophy from the University of Sydney for his thesis, 'Empiricism and Philosophy' in 2009, having previously completed the M.Litt for his thesis, 'On Necessity and Representation'. A young philosopher at the start of his career, he has already published articles on Naturalism and on Philosophy and Science in the respected journals Metaphilosophy and Essays in Philosophy. Over the last three years, he has taught courses on ethics and epistemology, the history of Western philosophy, and critical thinking.

BRIAN TEE gained a BA honours degree in Philosophy from the University of Sheffield in 2001, and completed his MA with a dissertation on Emmanuel Levinas in 2003. His PhD thesis topic is the phenomenology of evil and the possibility of forgiveness, looking at the work of Buber, Adorno and Derrida.

GEORGIOS TSAGDIS, PhD, lectures at Leiden University, the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Architectural Association. His work is transdisciplinary drawing on 20th Century, Contemporary and Ancient Greek Philosophy. His essays have been published in numerous book collections and international journals, including Parallax, Philosophy Today and Studia Phaenomenologica. His editorials include special issues for Azimuth ('Intersections: at the Technophysics of Space'), the International Journal of Philosophical Studies ('Of Times: Arrested, Resigned, Imagined)', as well as a reader on Derrida's Politics of Friendship, with EUP. In the years 2014-19 he was the convener of the intercollegiate study group Seminar of Neoplatonic Studies, at the Warburg Institute, London.

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