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International Society for Philosophers

Wisdom begins with wonder

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Apply for free life membership

Life membership of the ISFP is free.

In submitting your application you agree to have your details recorded securely on a private account at Your email address is the only information that we need. You can leave the other questions blank if you prefer.

There is an option to subscribe to the Pathways announcement e-list hosted by the University of Sheffield. The list is for news of the ISFP. As a list member you can also email messages to the list which are moderated before being sent out. For example, you can tell the members of the e-list about an article or book you have published, or about an event that you are organizing.

All messages to the Pathways e-list are archived permanently on the web at If you decide that you do not wish to join the Pathways e-list, just bookmark this page and you will not miss out on any news about the ISFP.

If you select Open Membership then other ISFP members or non-members can contact you by email. All email addresses displayed are masked in order to make it more difficult for email harvesting robots. The addresses cannot be copy-and-pasted.

You can change your mind about these options at any time. If you request to leave the ISFP then your details will be erased permanently.