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International Society for Philosophers

Wisdom begins with wonder

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The International Society for Philosophers was formed in 2002 in association with Pathways to Philosophy to bring together amateur and professional philosophers from all over the world.

We have over two thousand members in 93 countries.

In 2020 the Pathways program was brought to a close after 25 years. During that time over one thousand students signed up for courses. If you are one of those students, you are welcome to join the ISFP if you have not done so already.

"The mission of the ISFP is to teach the world to philosophize... We believe in freedom of thought and expression but also in the responsibility that goes with that freedom." (ISFP Mission Statement).

We are a non-profit organization. Life Membership is free, with no strings. Although there are no formally written rules, we expect our members to set an excellent example of good manners on the Internet, and especially towards one another.

Intolerance will not be tolerated.

The Board of the ISFP is responsible for examining essay portfolios and dissertations submitted for the ISFP Associate and Fellowship Awards.

In addition to the Board, we have four Officers:

Martin Jenkins is the Secretary of the ISFP, responsible for the membership database and receiving submissions for the ISFP Awards.

Sanja Ivic is the Editor of ISFP Books.

Eric George is our Publicity Manager. Write to him if you have any ideas for linking to other organizations, or ways to work constructively to bring philosophers around the world together.

Lev Lafayette is responsible for University Outreach.

As founder member of the ISFP, I see it as my role to ensure that our ideals of inclusion and dialogue are maintained. If you have any concerns or complaints, or suggestions for ways in which we can improve, or if you think that you could make a constructive contribution to the running of the Society, write to me at

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